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NYD-1 Whiteness Meter

NYD-1 Whiteness Meter

Model:NYD-1 Whiteness Meter
Application:mainly applicable for the measurement of the whiteness degree on the surface of the object or the powder in the white color and the color close to white.
Product Details
Cheap Benchtop Whiteness Meter

Features of whiteness meter:
Quality component makes the instrument run stable and lengthen sevice time. Feasible sample base match active platen design, effectively avoid the measurement aperture, leaking light phenomenon.
High effeciency & low loss power supply switch enhance the reliablility of the instrument.

Technical parameters 
of whiteness meter:
Model NDY-1
Accuracy 0.1
Printer Output /
Measuring Range 0~100.0%
Calibration Ф30mm
Measuring Condition 45/0
Measuring Mode Blue Whiteness WB=R457
Stability ≤0.2/10min
Photometric Range ≤0.1/10min
Repeatability ≤0.2
Light Source D65


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