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WG60G Precision Gloss Meter

WG60G Precision Gloss Meter

Mode:WG60G Precision Gloss Meter
Application:Used to measure the gloss of objects
Product Details
WG60G Precision Glossmeter

Introduction of glossmeter:
This gloss meter is designed and manufactured with the reference to the international standard ISO 2813 and China national standard GB/T9754. Technical parameters are in accordance with ASTM D2457, ASTM D523 and GB/T13891, GB/T7706, GB/T8807 standard. All performance indexes meet the primary working machine requirements of metrological verification procedures of national standard JJG696-2002 "mirror gloss meter and gloss board".

Features of 
of glossmeter:
1.The delicate and light appearance is very convenient to carry and use.
2.Automatic calibration, no need to manual adjustment, high stability, namely the boot measurement.
3.All intelligent design, single bond operation, one hand can realize all operations.
4.Long life light source without replacement
5.LCD digital display, showing clear.
6.Built-in high capacity lithium battery can be recharged, full of electricity can measuring more than 12 hours continuously
7.Feature-rich, measuring accuracy, good repeatability, cost effectivenes

Application Metal, plating, glass mirror and high gloss surface
Measuring Spot (ellipse: long axis*minor axis)8mm*4mm
Measuring Mode Automatic measurement/ manual measurement/single measurement/average measurement and cross measurement for a variety of combination measuring mode
Calibration Mode Manual calibration/bring up the stored data to calibration/manually set the tolerance
  Set standard sample in any stored data, user define the tolerance range
Output Connect the micro printer to realize real-time output of measured data
International Standard 60° ISO-2813、ASTM-C584、ASTM-D523、DIN-67530、ASTM-D2457、JND-A60、JND-P60
Standard Accessories Power adapter/user manual/warranty certification/standard board/software GlossW

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