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WG268 Precision Gloss Meter

WG268 Precision Gloss Meter

Mode:WG268 Precision Gloss Meter
Application:Used to measure the gloss of objects
Product Details
WG268 Precision Glossmeter

Details of glossmeter:
WG268 gloss meter includs three angles 20°,60°and 85°,it can test material with high gloss (0-2000Gu), and univercally apply on paint, ink, stoving varnish, coating, wood products;
Marble, granite, vitrified polished tile, pottery brick and porcelain; Plastic, paper; Other metallic material.

Product Name         Gloss meter

Model                WG268

Measurement Range    0-2000Gu

Application          Metal, plating, glass mirror and high gloss surface

Instrument Dimensions    122x34x60mm 

Projection Angle     20°60°85°

Measuring Spot(ellipse: long axis*minor axis)8mm*4mm

Measuring Mode    Automatic measurement/ manual measurement/single measurement/average measurement and cross measurement for a variety of combination measuring mode

Calibration Mode   Manual calibration/bring up the stored data to calibration/manually set the tolerance

Data Storage  500 groups Set standard sample in any stored data, user define the tolerance range

Language  Chinese/English

Output  Connect the micro printer to realize real-time output of measured data

Division Value   0.1Gu
Repeatability     0.2Gu

Reproducibility   0.4Gu
Indication Error  1.0Gu
International Standard 60°    ISO-2813、ASTM-C584、ASTM-D523、DIN-67530、ASTM-D2457、JND-A60、JND-P60

National Standard 60°    GB 9754、GB 9966、GB 8807
Standard Accessories   Power adapter/user manual/warranty certification/standard board/software GlossW

Optional Accessories  Micro-printer

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